Thursday, December 20, 2007

old email

and old, old email from way back when a friend had asked for my memories of rain.

there will be some grammar issues and typos - wrote it in a hurry - but its long enough to satisfy u so u'll forgive me i think :D and remind me - there are more of these... but not now :)

hmm.. i remember once i was coming back from school in wellington - i used to walk.. and my house was in the valley, the school on top of the hill.. and once i remember trying to out-run the rain.. i couldn't :P but thats a sight i wont be able to forget if i tried - the sky utterly blue in parts, the rain parting through the clouds that were low enough to be touched.. and then the fierce rain on my face, pounding at the earth, turning the mud under my feet into squelchy pats of joy, me in my gum-boots wading through the puddles, the umbrella still tucked inside my bag... and mom at the door with garam masala chai and pakoras ... slice of heaven :)

then the countless times i have been drenched in the rain, the rain that comes after the sweltering meerut summer, the months of no electricity and sweat and mosquitoes washed away in that one ecstatic moment under the slate-grey sky, the clouds bursting like they were pouring all the water in the world onto that one little patch of struggling-to-stay-alive land that was my nani's garden..

then the time i played football barefoot in the rain with my hooligan neighbours, two little husky boys who didnt seem so little back then.. how they made me take off my sneakers and roll my jeans up and play in the kichad - i came back home that day with an ear-splitting grin, nicked knees and jeans torn beyind repair!

then the time i was coming back from college in the always-crowded-to-the-seams DTC 724 - the summer was at that peak when all you can do is look at teh clouless sky and pray - i had thankfully got a window seat which afforded me the luxury of not banging into the sweaty crowd full of leery men - and then suddenly the rain... pouring in through the broken window, i gave up trying to protect my clothes, my bag.. and oh god the rain!!! turning the world into gold and green, the tarred road into a sheet of black and silver, the rivulets of water sliding down my cheeks, my hair.. and then walking home when teh sudden shower had passed, the fierce sun out again, the leaves glistening, the roads steaming and my hair and clothes dripping, drying... bliss :)

then another time when my flatmate and i, never friends at the best of times, 'bonded' so unexpectedly when we both woke up to the thunder in the middle of the night one day.. my mattress drenched, i woke up cold and clammy, but so excited to see the sky tearing itself into shreds with the most glorious purple-silver-golden lightening! and both of us, hyper as only girls can be! - running downstairs in our shorts and tshirts, getting soaked to the skin and yelling, screaming till the guards came out - and then pin drop silence, laughter and a lot of covering up :D

then one time when i was 6 - there was a storm in the middle of the night... i was never afraid of lightening, my dad came into my room to check if i was asleep to find me staring, fascinated, at the sky.. he took me for a long walk in the middle of the night, just to look at the lightening.. and at the end of the road there was this tree with white-pink flowers that stood ghost-like with the lightening and thunder all around it... somehow i can never get the tree out of the picture...