Friday, September 05, 2008

i dont know what the point of this post is - the two or three people who read this already know its dead, and my emails try to compensate somewhat :)
perhaps its just the need for resolution i feel sometimes; a need to tie up all the loose ends.

the point is... i've moved, and moved on :) shifted countries, lives.. i am doing something i didn't realise i would enjoy as much as i am! i am having the time of my life... being pushed, challenged every minute but god i love it :) so much happier than i used to be, with my life back on track. and its time the cat that fished put down her rod :)

i have been writing still, on and off.. i am thinking of another blog. will let those of who who still read this, know when its up and ready. i have promised myself i wont put up the posts till i have 5 ready - otherwise it will end up as dead as this one!

but lets see. tomorrow is another day :)